Lauren Laheta

January 17, 2012

study of photomontage:

Rashad Newsome

Uses photomontage built from hip-hop magazines to represent the importance of social status – a natural fit with hip/hop culture. His art often mimics Renaissance art.

George Hugnet

Viktor Koen

Viktor Koen

Americans are very influenced by the media’s propaganda.

Advertisements have common trends within magazines, newspapers, billboards, commercials, etc.  Cutting out and studying those frequent trends within magazine advertisements – common colors, aesthetic, and mood, I will gain a better understanding of those trends. I think it is important, as a graphic designer, to understand the trends of advertising because trendy designs can begin to blend in with all of the others – becoming mundane.

After I find and study the mundane trends of advertising in magazines I can make a photomontage of all of the similarities of the trends – making the propaganda used in magazine advertisements obvious to my viewers. Each element I use as collage has a dual function. The influence of my aesthetic could stem from the Dada movement and Surrealists whom turned to collage as the artistic form most effective in conveying their impatience with tradition and the traditional way of viewing life.

The use of different materials to convey a message in graphic design is important because it is a habit for some to immediately start at the computer to make art for their piece. I am a strong believer that you cannot get the same result on the computer if you do not use physical materials to sketch first.

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