Meredith Felt

January 17, 2012
Meredith Felt
Thesis Propposal
Version 1.0


Ignorance isn’t bliss. We are struggling through the most severe ecological, financial, political and spiritual crisis in our history. Many people are somewhat aware of this, but choose to ignore it and remain uninformed. That way, they are not burdened and do not have to take action. It is important for people to know how they are affected by and connected to the dilemmas of today. I am interested in discovering ways to use design as a tool to speak to the unengaged because now more than ever it is important to enlist the help of every person to contribute their ideas, support and creative solutions to the problems we face.


Graphic designers agree that typography is an effective and important method of communication. However, there is disagreement in how it should be used to communicate. Should typography be legible, neutral, and allow for the content alone to convey the message? Should typography speak directly to the essence of the information being conveyed through the use of construction, deconstruction and other alterations? I am interested in exploring the differing ideas and investigating whether it is a matter of opinion, time period, or application.


The world is full of people, places and things that can be utilized by graphic designers to visually communicate. The computer is full of tools and systems that can be utilized to speed up the production process. I am interested in exploring various materials and techniques to compare hand-crafted design, computer generated design, and the combination in terms of aesthetic, impact, and ultimately the effectiveness.

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