Aaron Nair

January 18, 2012


Initial Proposals

Proposal 1

“Invade, Unite, Conquer”

The amount of power and influence a single image such as a logo or icon has on any society is undeniable throughout history and especially today. “Invade, Unite, and Conquer” is an attempt to explore the viral quality of an identity. Adaptation to different urban contexts and a strong consideration to aspects of size, medium, and location will be explored in great detail. The identity will be expected to invade a particular space or set of spaces. The same identity presented in various mediums and settings will create a sense of unity, point to a specific message, and collectively conquer both the attention and interest of the audience. French urban artist, Invader and American urban artist, Shepard Fairey come to mind in regards to the viral quality of images or identities.



Proposal 2

“Second Glance”

Grabbing the attention of the audience is something that every graphic designer and artist understands well. Although the message the designer chooses to communicate can be clear and concise, the amount of time the viewer spends to interact with the design is something the designer has less influence over and control of. I would like to explore the formal characteristics of design such as color and color variation to draw and hold the attention of the viewer for a longer period of time in order for the message to be more thoroughly acknowledged and considered.


Proposal 3

“The Medium is the Message”

This is an exploration aimed to push the boundaries of large-scale print design, specifically the medium used to convey the message. Instead of the conventional use of ink printed on paper, I believe there is plenty of room to explore and innovate other forms of media applied to a substrate that would enhance the significance of the message being conveyed. An example would be actual physical water applied to a poster about clean water awareness. Graphic Designer, Anthony Burrill screen-printed posters with the actual oil collected from the Gulf of Mexico disaster. This method of poster generation was­ incredibly successful in raising awareness to the disaster and the aid to restore the coastal wetlands.


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