Gerardo Zamora

January 18, 2012




1. Design Novel


Information, stories, or problems have always been communicated through simple images or writing in graphic design so what could be done differently? One solution could be to explore the idea of bookmaking, publication, and graphic novels to convey an idea or message. The boundaries of a graphic novel would have to be pushed. More design elements would have to be considered and the physicality of the actual book structure could be experimented with as well. Branding and packaging are a given but type and graphic form could be pushed to a greater extent to make the graphic novel look more like a designed piece.





2. Urban Branding


Identity design is a very interesting area of design that I would like to investigate. Branding random objects, organizations, or places could be an interesting approach to a thesis.  Gangs, suburbs, ghettos, and local hotspots are a few examples of urban branding ideas. Another idea would be to consider branding controversial things like hardcore narcotics or other illegal practices and show the negative impact that graphic design can have on the world. I would like to use designs power to attract and engage in order to bring attention to these topics through branding.




3. Reform Campaign

Social problems are a great topic for design. There are many ways to communicate a problem or a point

of view in politics or in society, but the designer shares responsibility for how it will be presented. I would like to concentrate on immigration reform and reach a nation that really doesn’t understand the issues and myths about illegal immigration. This campaign has a vast variety like posters, publications, ambient advertising, and web-based media. I’m not completely sure how to approach this problem but I would be interested in using my design knowledge for a political reason.




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