Antonio Costantini

January 26, 2012

Proposal 2.0 The Dream Machine

Digital information is everywhere. It is essential in today’s world and we are always interacting with technology. By using existing technologies from the digital world, we can present some form of interactivity to create a new dimension in experience design and communication. The goal would be recreating a new visual experience that would physically engage the public through the information they are viewing. Every human being has a unique life, but we all share one thing in common. Our connection with the rest of humanity is our dreams.

Humans and dreams are connected. Dreams are one element that makes us feel human. We all have our own point of view of the world. Our dreams are a recreation of the world based on our point of view of reality. Dreams make us believe its reality because it provides us with objectives, interactions, and experiences. Dreams create a human connection that makes it stimulating and believable. It fulfills objective, interaction, or experience so we as human feel complete. The dreams express and exploit our uniquely deep thoughts.

In order to find ways for the public to interact with digital information through a dream, they must go through the process and image to create the objective; the connections and uniqueness to create the interaction; the believable and simulation to create the experiences. The three elements together will create the beginning and end of our dream (or our other life) through the dream machine.

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