David Heskett | proposal one | November 28, 2011

January 26, 2012

Topic one: The use of interactive media within graphic design has had a great impact on me over the years. Currently I have little experience with interactive media out side of little experiments. I feel that it would greatly benefit me to dig deeper into this topic. I find the relationships between sound, color and typography fascinating. I would like to discover more about how the human brain works when encountered with the three elements. I will do this by utilizing a variety of interactive medias I will be able to better myself and grow stronger as a designer.


Topic two: Communicating a social issue has always fascinated me because of the many ways issues through design can be displayed. With this I would like to develop a series on childhood obesity and how large of a problem this is becoming especially in the United States.  I feel that this topic is one that is looked over by most. I would like to better others and myself by bringing awareness to this growing issue. I know through research I can create unique pieces that will be based around communicating through design. This will be my first large-scale project that involves such a strong topic and that is emotionally moving.


Topic three: Information design over the years has greatly impacted my design work because of the usages of the grid. The grid system is one of the major elements to a graphic designer especially when it relates to information. Without a strong grid to place the information upon the message could be lost in translation. By studying the grid system I know I will better myself as a graphic designer so I may display information that has clarity. Information that has little to no clarity in its design will be incomparable to ones that structured around a thought out grid system.



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