Lauryn Bertolo Proposal V.II

January 26, 2012


Almost every product that is bought has some sort of tag. Whether it’s a price tag or an informative one we encounter them often. Most tags are related to fashion and are usually an essential element to garments and accessories.

The tags are normally simple, and tossed after purchasing. What else could a tag do? Can it have a second life and dual purposes? By creating tags that have a second life it would not only lower some of the waste but it could also add to the products appeal. We have seen tags that become stickers, keychains, and other small items to be reused.

I want to create a new experience with the tags. Creating something special for the consumer, something that they would want to hold onto. Using unique materials and experimenting what the tags could become. I am going to achieve this by first looking at tags out there, seeing what exists and how to push them further. The tags would be different according to the product.

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