Lauryn Bertolo VI. 12/10/2011

January 26, 2012

January 26, 2012

Idea One

What can be incorporated into packaging design. It is possible to have a zero waste , but can it be pushed further. Example: a watch could be packaged in a container that could possible become a handbag or carrier or some sort, the packing material/tissue paper could be a scarf, the instructions could be tuned over for a piece of art. Each component of the package would serve a purpose. It could be product dependent, fashion/accessory, cooking, bath,  ect. Another example could be reusable container for spices/coffee/sugar. Shipped in a reusable container.

-Good responses and feedback with examples.

Idea Two

Can Typography become fashion? Can it become a pattern that is not recognized as type? Use typography more than what it was intended for. Can typography replace famous patterns or imagery. Zebra, paisley, plaid, and so many other prints/patterns that are up for redoing with type. It is a simple idea, that has been done in some shape or form but I think I could push it further. Experimenting with putting the new typeface patterns/imagery on clothing, bags, notebooks, and printing on different materials.

-Good comments, Ern especially. All seem to approve.

Idea Three

Packaging for a cause. Can we take an organization that creates a product that is good for the people/economy/ and or the environment? Create great design with a nonprofit organization to bring aware to certain causes. Companies could choose which organizations to be associated with, or choose several based on their packaging needs. Example: Beads For Life, an organization that helps women of Uganda get out of poverty by making beads from recycled magazine paper. Could that possible become recycled envelopes, or boxes? There are many other programs that are geared to making a difference that could potentially evolve their products into packaging. With great design we could bring awareness to not only the company but also to the organization.

-Least liked one by all.

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