Proposal 2.0 – Design Coop

January 26, 2012

Buying local can be the first step to preventing numerous economical and environmental issues and is becoming more crucial every moment. With this idea in mind I am proposing a Design Coop that will advance the importance of buying local and will provide an improved quality of design by connecting local designers with local business. This will give many organizations a chance they may have never had otherwise. Through this process local businesses will have an increased chance of success and awareness of local resources will improve.

I will brand the structure, look and feel of this coop to work at its most efficient. In addition the co-op will speak to an audience of young designers, encouraging them to invest time in the co-op before leaving Michigan.

I personally believe the graphic designers social responsibility is to take part in the creation of a better world and create a sense of purpose and fulfillment for ones self. When multiple designers are placed together for a common good much can be achieved.

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