Design Coop Proposal 3.0

February 7, 2012

Buying local can be the first step to preventing numerous economical and environmental issues and is becoming more crucial every moment. Recently, local governments, chambers and independent business networks have launched hundreds of buy-local campaigns to increase awareness about this issue. Unfortunately most of these campaigns quickly fade away with little or no impact on shifting local culture

With this idea in mind I am proposing a Design Coop that will take a step further in advancing the importance of buying local and will provide an improved quality of design by connecting local designers with local business. This coop will operate similarly to most design studios with a few exceptions. One, our primary clients will be local businesses, two, our mission will be to promote awareness of buying local and three, there will be a visual system integrated into the identity of each local client.

This visual system will permanently be incorporated into local businesses actual identities, unifying them as a whole. By integrating this system into each local business, the consumer will immediately and visually see what businesses are truly part of the local community.

This visual system is not meant to be obtrusive or to disturb the visual quality of the already determined design. It is simply meant to connect and unify the local businesses. This will be accomplished by designing a visual system that has both variety and consistency.

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