Michael Bruny-Groth

February 9, 2012

Michael Bruny-Groth   |   Proposal 1.2   |   November 27, 2011




Topic 1

I would like to explore hierarchy in design. I would like to address the fundamental rules of composition and explore their practical interpretation. Do designers end up sticking to a hierarchical dogma at the detriment of the viewer? How important is it that the designer’s intent and the viewers experience match up? Will the viewer still absorb the intended information even if they experience hierarchy differently than the designer intended? I would like to explore both typographic and compositional hierarchy.


Topic 2

Designers apply a lot of meaning to their designs. Conceptual ideas translated to graphic and typographic form carry the meaning of a design. I feel that there is often a large disconnect between the designer’s implied meaning and the viewer’s inferred meaning. That seems to me to be a rather impractical way to communicate. Unfortunately it seems that the only things that guarantee understanding are clichés. I would like to explore the effectiveness of cliché in design and explore how to better communicate to the viewer all the applied meaning a design carries, without falling on the old stand-by, “Well the viewer may not know good design when they see it, but they definitely know bad design”.


Topic 3

Information consumption may not always be rewarding in and of itself. I would like to explore methods for incorporating rewards for the consumers of the information we communicate through our designs. A reward may be as simple as the surprise and satisfaction a viewer feels from solving a visual puzzle. I think that interactive design or web-based media may be the best avenue to incorporate rewards into design.

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