Lauren Laheta 2 / 15 / 12

February 15, 2012

Last time I updated, I ended with my final thesis statement. Since then I have made a lot of progress. I have found categories that are common within magazines such as cleaning products, make-up & beauty products, anti-aging moisturizers, prescription drugs, shoes, clothing, etc.

Within these categories I found many similarities:

Cleaning Products: Often use the colors blue & orange, “complement” their products with fake bubble-like images.

Anti-Age moisturizers: White backgrounds, usually earthy tones or a natural thing that complements the product such as an egg or leaf. The color (or lack there of), White, in Japan represents death. Could the color white in anti-aging products have an underlining meaning of decay and death? Purity? Prejudices? I found this interesting.

Beauty Products such as Make-up: Mostly black backgrounds, crazy lights, glowing, glitter & neon colors.

Prescription Drug advertisements often depict pictures of women. Maybe this stems from the stereotype that women are crazy?

– L

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