GZ Proposal 3.0

February 24, 2012

­­Gerardo Zamora

Proposal 3.0

Waking Up From The American Dream

Social problems are a great topic for graphic design.[1] There are many ways to communicate a problem or a point of view in politics or in society, but designers share responsibility for how it will be presented.[2] Immigration reform[3] is a social problem that needs to be addressed and resolved through graphic design. The nation is uneducated, misinformed, and confused by myths and false statistics on immigration.[4] Since I’m a graphic design student, whose parents brought me from Mexico as a child, I have the responsibility to tackle the issue with the real facts and truths.

An awareness campaign is the best format to approach this issue.[5] The concepts of the campaign will be the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (Dream) Act.[6] The Theme for the work will be equality and the opportunity to reach the American Dream. People brought to this country as innocent children or toddlers were raised here, and it is all they know. Sending them back away from their families and reality is unjust and inhumane.[7] There are students, friends and family around us who are anticipating these laws and deserve to have a voice. Every day they grow more scared of the future, because their goals are in limbo because of their citizenship status. They should not have to wake to a nightmare every day. So as one of them I will rise and communicate with clarity the situation of the immigrant whose roots lay in Mexico, but whose fruit lays in America.


This would be a great opportunity for me to investigate social problems through a complex campaign. Upon completed I would like to donate my campaign to activist groups like One Michigan and online groups like Wordstrike. I hope to reach out to Americans, citizens or illegal, and change an opinion or give hope to those who need it; even if it is just one. Let us dream.



Feb. 22- Turn in proposal 3.0 and get 1/4 storyboard done.

Feb. 23- Start to use Adobe After effects

Feb. 24- Thesis Presentation

Feb. 25–Feb. 28- Finish storyboard

Feb. 29–Mar. 8- Get all drawings done for video

Mar. 9–Mar. 15- Vector all my drawings

Mar. 15–Mar. 20- Work on After Effects and start to animate

Apr. 12- Have my video done and near completion

Apr. 17- Finish Posters

Apr. 19- Final Presentation and turn in process book























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