Proposal 3.5

February 28, 2012


The realization to is the grid is more than a tool that designers use. Typically a grid has seven elements that forum what we call a grid. They are al follows, margins, flowlines, columns, rows, gutters, modules and spatial zones.  The grid is in fact every wear and used many times without thinking. Humans, tend to create with a natural order. The human eye has an easy time viewing objects with symmetry, order or alignments.


The project includes a presentation on the evolution of the grid and how it has evolved trough time itself. I will show that the grid is more that a tool for designers and how it has benefitted humans for hundreds of years. To show the effect of this project I will demonstrate this natural order with a series of images that represent multiple time periods and show how they all have an underlining grid. First by showing the image as a standalone and then with a grid implied over top.


Inoculation grids should be used to structure content, they are only intended to guide the design process, not dictate it. They shouldn’t be ignored nor should they be strictly followed. Simply flowing all the content into rows or columns can lead to a rigid, repetitive and uninteresting design. It is up to the designer to know when and how to break out of it.





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Samara, Timothy. Making and Breaking the Grid: A Graphic Design Layout Workshop. Gloucester, MA: Rockport, 2005. Print.

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