new proposol

March 27, 2012

Recreating Desires

Advertisements have common trends within magazines, newspapers, billboards, commercials, etc.  Collecting, selecting, and cutting out and studying those frequent trends within magazine advertisements – common colors, aesthetic, and mood, I will gain a better understanding of those trends. I think it is important, as a graphic designer, to understand the trends of advertising because trendy designs can begin to blend in with all of the others – becoming mundane.

After I find and study the mundane trends of advertising in magazines, I want to document it on my website:

Once I have proven the similarities of advertisements, I want to create my own “advertisements” that have a similar purpose: to pursued the viewer to feel inspired The “advertisements” will be based off words that I have used to describe the advertisements I have collected. The process of my work will still use collage because it is a good starting point to build a meaningful composition.

1.) The first word being the antonym, or opposite of, mundane is “imagine”
2.) The second word behind my poster inspiration is influenced by the opposite of the word cliché – “idiosyncratic”
3.) The third poster will be inspired by the word blend. The antonym of the word blend is “notice”

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