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Presentation v.1

February 14, 2012



Thesis Proposal v2.5

February 7, 2012

Proposal: Design is a vehicle/ The Future Magazine (working title)

Successful design gives the viewer a visual to aid in understanding, but also gives people something to desire and aspire to. We understand design in its context. Our fantasies about our future selves are often based on aspirational visuals presented by designers. For my thesis, I propose a publication about the future. The world is in a transitional purgatory. We are often told that technology and growing globalization are the catalyst to completely changing the world, as we currently know it. The magazine/publication industry as it currently stands will potentially be non-existant in a printed form in the future, if trends continue as they currently are (Although one can argue that people have persistently claimed that magazines are dead, ever since the early twentieth century). I surmise that potentially in the future, printed pieces will be rare and precious. Technology has shifted many printed pieces into an intangible digital format. Magazines and publications aren’t dying because of the move into the digital world; they are dying because newsstands are riddled with magazines desperately begging the viewer to purchase them. The content often becomes secondary to gimmicks like using a popular celebrity on the cover to pressure purchase, or shocking headlines that aren’t supported by content. Publications don’t need bells and whistles they need dynamic and interesting content. Niche publications that convey interesting material gain an audience that enthusiastically seeks out and purchases the product.  I seek to make a publication about the future that goes against all expectations one would have from a publication about the subject.  By this I mean that it will be printed not digital, and uses historic photographs, and quotes from history. Essentially the key to the future is in the past. The purpose of the publication is to say to viewer that we can worry and fear about the future, because technology and things change; but the bottom line is that people don’t change and the things that are important to happiness (i.e. love, peace, family etc.) never change.

Dimitri Theodoropoulos

January 17, 2012