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Proposal 2.0

January 26, 2012


Direction Three: Package/Object Design

I am interested in aspects of design that make something stand out from others and engage the viewer, creating a more personal and meaningful product/viewer/user/ relationship. I would like to investigate the means of designing an object and it’s package – specifically soap – and create it in such a way that the object/package appeal to different senses and different people. With much research on human senses, I intend to incorporate multiple sensory experiences for this project. By choosing soap I will have the means to create the object and the package, including the ability to alter shape, color, form, texture, and scent.


Emily Bevilacqua

January 17, 2012

First round of proposals


Direction One:

“Design is, at it’s heart, a response to it’s external environment” –Milton Glaser. Design is a response to a problem, the synthesis of internal and external demands. I want to investigate different ways of design as a tool; the process and research to help meet these demands, to find possible and variable differences in the problem solving process, and explore different ways to arrive at a solution that speaks the desired message with effective clarity

Bennett, Audrey. Design Studies, Theory And Research In Graphic Design, a reader. Princeton Architectural Press, NY. 2006

Inside New York’s Art World: Milton Glaser, 1978


Direction Two:

I am interested in the social issue of communication in our society today. In my opinion, the swarm of technology and means of electronic communication effect how we interact with the people around us in our daily lives. I see couples at restaurants both completely absorbed in their iphones in front of them, constantly engaged with their interactive features or communicating with people other than the one they are with in person. I see tendencies to send a text message to a friend instead of calling them up personally. Others say that the multiple ways of communication enable people to be come closer due to the overload of interactions. I would like to investigate this further, possibly by finding ways to make the technology that is accustomed to our life today more personal to bring back meaning to human interaction.

Lupton, Ellen. Communicaiton. Why Design Now?  National Design Triennial. Smithsonian Institution. 2010,2817,2332339,00.asp




Direction Three:

Since package design has always interested me and I would like to learn/know more about it, I would like to investigate what it is about certain packages that stand out from the rest of the brands it is shelved with. Is it the colorful graphics? Unique shapes? Eye-arresting methods? What is the psychological aspects of design that attract and engage the viewer, creating a more personal and meaningful product/viewer/user relationship?

Aesthetic Package Design: A Behavioral, Neural, and Psychological Investigation

Color Psychology in Design