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Thesis Presentation

February 14, 2012

Thesis Presentation

A quick peek at my research process from the beginning to mid-term.


Proposal v2.0

January 26, 2012

Ever since I started design I always wanted to integrate both my design and photography. I would like to explore and create effective and “green” packaging for new age light bulbs. My intension is to mainly use typography as the focal point but also integrate the use of photography. What is most appealing to the customer? What shape would create visual interest but also be effective ergonomically in form?

Initial Proposals v1.0

January 26, 2012


1. The study of light and magnification.

Ever since I started design I always wanted to integrate both my design and photography. In Ludington I explored how different light and magnifications affected the subject in such interesting and distorting ways. I also discovered in my exploration how intense and saturated the colors became. I have always had in interest with David Carson’s work and how effective it was for how illegible it was. With this proposal I would like to investigate the effects that different light and magnification would have on design, typography and color. Also using more then just digital media to design. How might simple or more complex designs might attract different viewers or different reactions to each piece.

2. Packaging Designs

I have an interest in package design (something that I have never really had the opportunity to explore) and it’s effectiveness at catching someone’s eye. Everyday people walk into a story and pick out items that either stands out to them or in today’s case are cheaper. Package design is key to a good selling product. What is more appealing to the customer? Is it the shape of the container, the colors, or possibly the graphics?—Powerful-Packaging-Design/

3. Fibonacci Spiral in Design and Typography

I thought that it would be interesting to investigate the significance of the Fibonacci Spiral and how it’s everywhere, in nature, in architecture, in art, you can even find it in comparison to the human body form. But how does it affect design. How can it be used in design? I would like to explore the spiral in respect to how it might affect typography and it’s layout on a grid, a curve, or even the perspective it could form giving 2D design much more depth.

Heidi Schmidt

January 17, 2012