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Kevin Spiegelberg

January 17, 2012

Senior Thesis Final Idea

Like television, the video game is becoming a primary means of entertainment by many people around the world. With the rapid expansion of player base, the ugly side of humanity rears its head. Children and adults alike are screaming into their headsets, smashing controllers, and making fools of themselves every day.

Nerd Rage is an issue that needs to be addressed.

I am proposing to create a video game that will invoke the feelings a user will encounter while playing a game i.e.; raised blood pressure, adrenaline, frustration, inadequacy, disbelief, and doubt. The tools used will include verbal abuse and tempo to bring the user to a desired mental state. After raising the level of frustration, I will use a series of rewards to bring the user back to their average temperament.

Positive reinforcement in video games includes treasure gathering, positive text, a sense of release from the tension, score accumulation and mastery of the game.

Application of this project is most likely computer driven, since the control scheme will be programmed utilizing a standard keyboard. In order to showcase the project, a secure computer will be placed inside the art gallery that allows only interaction with said program.