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Proposal Version 2.0

January 26, 2012

Lindsey Naylor

Thesis Proposal



Through my thesis project I would like to increase awareness of the plastic pollution in the ocean, specifically the North Pacific Garbage Patch. The Garbage Patch is made up of floating plastic particles that are pushed slowly in the center of a circular current called the North Pacific Gyre. The plastic particles break down into smaller pieces, but never biodegrade. They greatly affect the marine ecosystem, as they are eaten by small animals who are eaten by bigger animals, eventually working their way up the food chain until they reach humans. This is a problem for the ocean as well as us, as the plastics contain toxic chemicals. In order to solve this problem, the root of it needs to be addressed: the throwaway mentality that penetrates American consumerist culture. The excess packaging that comes with almost every product we buy falls off garbage trucks, is spilled from trash cans or is tossed carelessly. Much of the plastic waste we produced is never recycled and eventually makes it way to the sea through storm drains and watersheds. I would like to make people aware that the plastic trash they produce has severe consequences for the entire environment – plants, animals, and humans. I plan to make an awareness poster series, addressing the concerns of pollution. Different posters would be targeted at different audiences, including political leaders, college students, children, animal lovers, and designers. I also plan to deliver anti-plastic guerrilla advertising, showing through the use of recycled materials that waste can be used for good.


Great Pacific Garbage Patch

January 19, 2012

some disturbing images i found upon googling “great pacific garbage patch”