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January 30, 2012


Proposal 2.0

January 30, 2012


Way finding is all around us. It allows us to effectively navigate through the places we find unfamiliar. These systems have become crucial aspects of our everyday way of life. However, they unfortunately fill our cities with signage that often lack clarity, environmental awareness and creativity through design. With this idea, I am proposing a method that incorporates these three aspects that otherwise constrain the systems full effectiveness and intent.

By using local wood found in the surrounding areas of Kalamazoo, Michigan, I will conserve resources that would otherwise be environmentally costly. Awareness of this fact will be documented on the piece along with the date and location in which it was collected. Using a creative approach, I will design a system that is not only effective and easily understood, but also appealing and complementing to the city that surrounds it.

Scott McManus

January 30, 2012

Initial Proposals

Proposals 1. 


I have recently explored using a gel medium to transfer printed inks onto found wood. I would like to discover more ways that this medium can be used. The process allows different results each and every time. This medium reflects the same effects as silkscreen, but can be produced in a cheaper and faster fashion. I would like to explore this medium through 3D and 2D typography, signage, sculpture and other various formats. How does this process change when you transfer it into large spaces or even onto different materials?

 Proposals 2.



When I was eight-years-old I was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) a disorder that has hindered my ability to read and write at grade level. I am interested in exploring ways in show how one with ADHD can read and comprehend written language better through graphic relations to that word. By using typography I want to explore the written language as a form. How can I make a word easier to read to the less literate?

 Proposals 3.



I am also very interested in package design, and what factors go into making the final package for that product. I want to explore materials, shapes, design, typography, color, and folds. I want to learn what factors work better with consumers and how the package entices consumers to purchase that product. By discovering these different aspects of packaging I hope to understand and create successful packaging.

Scott Mc Manus

January 17, 2012